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Harvest of the Month
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Harvest of the Month - Featured Produce (PEAR)
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What's New?

  • Are you hearing a lot about Farm to School programs lately? Learn more from the California Farm to School E-newsletter. You can also check out our Farm to School support materials.
  • Check out our new Harvest of the Month Overview flyer - an informative look at our goals, who we reach, why it works, how it works, and what people are saying about it (hint: "It works!").
  • We have new Harvest of the Month Calendar templates! We now offer three customizable calendar templates intended for different audiences. Each template is available in three different color schemes and can be personalized with events specific to your program, school district, organization, etc. Download and create your new templates today!
  • We also offer new Graphic Organizer templates. In response to demand for more student assessment tools, we have developed five Graphic Organizer templates intended for use in the classroom, in conjunction with the educator newsletter activities and student workbooks. These are modeled after other student assessment tools that are commonly used in classrooms today. Download and use these assessment tools in your classroom.
  • All 36 Community Newsletters (English and Spanish) have been updated to feature ChooseMyPlate and the new 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Check out these improved newsletters today - they're great for distributing in the workplace, at retail stores, farmers' markets, faith groups, and in any community setting.
  • Many thanks to our local partner, the Network for a Healthy California - San Diego & Imperial Region, for creating the Harvest of the Month Get Fit tools. These handy two-sided cards feature great physical activity exercises, nutrition information, and a tasty recipe.
  • If you're looking to assess the impact of your nutrition education efforts from your Harvest of the Month program, consider using this new survey. It's designed just for kids and is available in English and Spanish.







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