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​The Importance of Training

A successful program requires the support of the entire school community. Harvest of the Month is a team effort and its strength depends on the people who implement it and the staff who work directly with the students. Key team players include classroom educators, child nutrition staff, school staff, students, parents and the surrounding community.

One of the most important team players is the Site Coordinator. Depending on how Harvest of the Month is set up in your district, a Site Coordinator can be the person who distributes the monthly elements, coordinates with teachers and works with child nutrition staff to determine needs for taste testing and classroom cooking activities. Designating a Site Coordinator for your district or school is one of the most effective ways to implement a program – and creating a strong, cohesive team.

After Site Coordinator training is complete, a general training should be conducted for all teachers, child nutrition staff and other school staff who plan to participate in the program. The Site Coordinator can also be responsible for training the teachers, as it enforces what they have already learned.

Our goal is to provide training tools for Harvest of the Month that support effective implementation in the classroom, cafeteria and community. It is vital that all team players are knowledgeable about Harvest of the Month and understand its importance in empowering students to eat healthy and be more active. This training is designed for:
  • Seasoned users and "newbies" of Harvest of the Month.
  • Site Coordinators and other program leads who plan to train others (e.g., teachers, coordinators) on how to use the materials and implement a classroom program.
  • Individuals who are training themselves.
We have put together this training guide based on evaluation results, best practices and recommendations from people already using Harvest of the Month. The training tools highlight Harvest of the Month’s relationship to other Network for a Healthy California campaigns and programs and shows how they can be integrated to deliver stronger, more impactful nutrition education.

REMEMBER: Training is not a one-time deal. Regular updates and "refresher" courses are strongly encouraged to keep the materials fresh in everyone’s mind. Training updates can also increase knowledge and understanding of Harvest of the Month, as well as build confidence in those who are using the resources to work directly with students.