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Harvest of the Month is comprised of five key monthly elements, which can be complemented by a variety of other resources. Each element was developed using the Social Ecological Model as a framework and is intended for implementation in areas where nutrition education can make ​the biggest impact - classroom, cafeteria, home and community. For more information on how the elements address the various levels of the Social Ecological Model, please refer to pages 8-11 of the How to Grow Healthy Students Guide (PDF, 7MB).

Each element can be personalized to reflect school/district names, logos and contact information. Harvest of the Month posters have also been developed and can be ordered from the Network here.​​

Note: In 2008, we added the fifth key monthly element: community newsletters. The community newsletter is designed for use outside of the school environment. Please refer to the Community Newsletter page for more information on this new element. For additional information on how to use the community newsletters, please refer to this Tip Sheet (PDF).

Everything you need to grow healthy students, from Apples to Zucchini.

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