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Images and Graphs

  • Nutrition Facts Labels – Download full size Nutrition Facts labels for each of the featured produce items. Use these learning tools in a variety of classroom activities.
  • Botanical Images – Access the printable botanical image diagrams featured in the “How Does It Grow?” section of the educator newsletters. Images can be utilized in class to familiarize students with various plant parts.
  • Nutrient Graphs (from CDE’s Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Photo Cards) – Use these printable bar graphs in classroom activities to help students learn more about the nutrient values of the featured fruit or vegetable. Each card contains a detailed nutrient analysis based on a specified serving size and a map highlighting the geographic region where the fruit or vegetable is grown. [Reprinted by permission from the California Department of Education, CDE Press, 1430 N Street, Suite 3207, Sacramento, CA 95814.]