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Nutrient Graphs

We would like to thank the California Department of Education (CDE) for sharing these resources. These 90 cards represent only a fraction of the 150 Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Photo Cards developed by CDE. If you would like to purchase these cards, please visit their Educational Resources Catalog at www.cde.ca.gov/re/pn/rc/. (Hint: click “View Complete Index of Titles” and search for Item #001650.)

Fruit PDFs

A Apple | Apricot | Asian Pear | Avocado B Bell Pepper, Green | Bell Pepper, Red and Yellow C Cantaloupe | Chayote | Cherry | Chili Pepper | Chinese Bitter Melon | Chinese Long Bean | Chinese Winter Melon | Corn D Date F Fig G Grape | Grapefruit | Green Bean H Honeydew Melon | Husk Tomato K Kiwifruit | Kumquat L Lemon | Lime M Marmalade Plum | Melon Varieties N Nectarine O Orange P Peach | Pear | Persimmon | Plum | Prune | Pummelo | Pumpkin R Raisin S Strawberry | Summer Squash T Tangerine | Tomato | Tree Tomato W Watermelon | Wax Bean | Winter Squash | Winter Squash Varieties Z Zucchini

Vegetable PDFs

A Asparagus B Beet | Beet Green | Belgium Endive | Bok Choy | Broccoli C Cabbage | Carrot | Chinese Cabbage | Collard Green D Daikon | Dandelion Green E Endive | Escarole F Fennel G Garlic | Green Onion I Iceberg Lettuce K Kale L Leaf Lettuce | Leek M Mushroom | Mustard Green O Onion P Parsley | Pea | Potato R Radicchio | Radish | Romaine | Rutabaga S Snow Pea | Sorrel (Dock) | Spinach | Sprouts | Sugar Snap Pea | Sweet Potato | Swiss Chard T Turnip | Turnip Green W Water Spinach | Watercress