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  • Content Standards – Identify links between Harvest of the Month activities and the California Content Standards. These “Links” demonstrate how Harvest of the Month activities support the key curricular areas of health, English-language arts, science, history-social science, mathematics and physical education for grades K-12. For the early childhood audience connections have been made to the Desired Results for Children and Families 3 years through Prekindergarten, CDE and Prekindergarten Learning and Development Guidelines CDE.
  • Glossary – Find basic definitions for nutrition and health terms used in the educator newsletters.
  • Web Links – Connect with other Web sites that contain useful information – for educators, students and families.
  • Support Materials – Use these materials, found on the How to Grow Healthy Students Guide (PDF, 7MB), to help with the implementation of classroom and cafeteria activities, such as taste testing, classroom cooking and school gardening. Also included are fact sheets and general program information to help gain external support and interest for your program.