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Step 1 - Harvest of the Month Background

What is Harvest of the Month? What resources are available? How do I use these resources? Why should I adopt Harvest of the Month?

These are all great questions to ask. And, you can find the answers in the Harvest of the Month Fact Sheet, Quick Start Guide and Educator Newsletter Training Guide. Whether you are a seasoned user or entirely new to Harvest of the Month, we recommend reviewing these background materials first to begin your training.

Fact Sheet Fact Sheet (PDF): This two-page overview is ideal for a variety of target audiences, but especially for people who are just starting to learn about Harvest of the Month. In addition to general background information, the Fact Sheet features brief descriptions (and picture examples) of the monthly elements and how each of these resources can be used.


Quick start guide Quick Start Guide (PDF, 1MB): This two-page guide features the "10 Steps to Implement Harvest of the Month." It provides key steps to starting a school site program, hints for conducting training sessions and information on how to order, print and personalize the monthly resources. There is even a section for taking notes during in-person trainings.


Training guide Educator Newsletter Training Guide (PDF, 2MB): This four-page guide is a great tool for both trainers and educators who will use the newsletters in classrooms. This guide examines the content contained within the monthly newsletters and identifies how activities can be linked to several core curricular areas and the Network’s Children’s Power Play! Campaign. Space is provided on each page for taking notes during in-person trainings.

​*Helpful Hint:

If you are training others how to use the monthly elements, share these tools with them. Step 4 provides more detailed instructions on how to use these tools in a training.