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​Step 3 - Instructional Guide

Now that you have become familiar with Harvest of the Month, we recommend taking the time to read the Instructional Guide, How to Grow Healthy Students (PDF, 7MB) .* This 32-page guide takes an in-depth look at Harvest of the Month by:
  • providing additional history and background information (pages 2-5);
  • describing in detail the key monthly elements, including the target audience, users and main activities (pages 6-9);
  • demonstrating how the monthly elements address each of the five levels of the Social Ecological Model (individual, interpersonal, organizational, community and policy) (pages 10-15);
  • highlighting key strategies for implementation and collaboration within the school community (pages 16-21); and,
  • providing ideas for forming partnerships outside of the school community, such as with other Network campaigns and programs, the retail environment and media (pages 24-25).
We strongly encourage sharing How to Grow Healthy Students with anyone who is thinking about starting or planning to start a Harvest of the Month program. It is also a great resource to share with people who want to learn more about how the program works (e.g., policymakers, school/district officials).
*NOTE: This guide references an “enclosed Harvest of the Month CD.” This CD is no longer in circulation. All materials that were previously on the CD are now available on the main Harvest of the Month Website. The Website will always post the most current and accurate materials, including the monthly elements. If you have one of these old CDs, please be advised that the files may no longer be accurate and/or up-to-date. We recommend appropriately discarding these CDs.