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Champions for Change

​Step 4 - Preparation

This step is to prepare those who will conduct a formal presentation to others, such as:

  • Training the Trainers (Site Coordinators, Program Coordinators, Lead Teachers, Nutrition Liaisons, Network staff responsible for training teachers)
  • Training Teachers
NOTE: If you are doing this training informally on your own, you may proceed to Step 5.To get ready for your training, download the Prepare (PDF) worksheet. It provides a list of all the materials you will need and the steps to take prior to training, the day of training, and even ideas for arranging the training room. It also includes the estimated time it will take to complete each step.

Next, you will need to Download and Print these materials in order to conduct your training.


Training Procedures (specific to your target audience)
PowerPoint Presentations and Talking Points (specific to your target audience)

Finally, you will need to make training packet folders. Each training participant (site coordinators and teachers) should receive a training packet with the handouts listed in the below check-off list. We recommend placing these handouts in a two-pocket folder.

NOTE: Proceed to Step 5 to download all handouts listed on the right side.

How to Prepare Training Packet Folders