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Harvest of the Month Survey

Researched and prepared by the Research and Evaluation Unit of the California Nutrition Network for Healthy, Active Families, this survey can also be used to assess the impact of nutrition education, focusing specifically on measuring student’s knowledge after they have participated in Harvest of the Month.

Nutrition Education Survey

The Network created the Nutrition Education Survey (NES) to assess the impact of nutrition education delivered to primarily 4th-8th graders. The NES is a modular tool that contractors can customize to fit the specific nutrition education activities implemented. It has sets of questions that will capture change in perceived peer behavior, perceived parental support, self-efficacy, outcome expectations, socialization-encouragement, access, consumption, physical activity, knowledge and preferences. Each table in the survey contains a set of questions that measures these distinct factors. The background document describes the sources of the questions and specifically identifies the questions related to each factor.

A strong evaluation survey will include sets of questions that will capture change resulting from the nutrition education conducted. It is appropriate to omit sets of questions not addressed by the intervention. However, it is not appropriate to drop individual questions as this would change the validity of the survey. The research that was conducted to validate the instruments is also described in the background document.